South Eastern Asian Artifact: Angkor Wat

The Angkor Wat is a temple located in southeast Asia in Cambodia. It is a giant complex with five dome like things on the top of it. This temple was a Hindu temple at first and was later converted in to a Buddhist temple. It is a temple in Cambodia; it is used for worshiping Buddhist now.

Back in 12th century this temple was built in Cambodia by the King Suryavarman, and it is was the largest Hindu temple but now it is just a Buddhist temple. Now it can be found on the Cambodian flag and it is a main tourist attraction when tourists visit. Still today it can be seen used as a Buddhist temple. It was built dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. It was converted to Buddhist today.

When it was built, it was named to largest temple of Hinduism. This shows how much this culture is valued in this part of the country.  As new culture and different type of people moved in to the region, the temple changed with them. As more of Buddhist people moved in the type was changed to a Buddhist temple. In ten to twenty years this monument maybe the same as it is today. I don’t think it will get any more attention than it does today, if not it will get less than now. This is beacuase as we grow as a world we are starting to combine and become more friendly to each other forgetting like all of these kinds of things.

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